GCLS Award Winner

GCLS Award Winner 2016

Good Enough to Eat won a „Goldie“ at the GCLS Award Ceremony 2016!


Good Enough to EatGood Enough to Eat

Robin’s New Year’s resolution to change her eating habits is as unusual as she is. Unlike millions of other women, she isn’t tempted by chocolate or junk food. She’s a vampire, determined to fight her craving for a pint of O negative.
When she goes to an AA meeting, hoping for advice on fighting her addiction, she meets Alana, a woman who battles her own demons.
Despite their determination not to get involved, the attraction is undeniable.
Is it just bloodlust that makes Robin think Alana looks good enough to eat, or is it something more? Will it even matter once Alana finds out who Robin really is?
Good Enough to Eat is co-written with Jae, author of books such as Conflict of Interest and True Nature. To learn more about Jae and her books, please check out her website.

Wordcount: 64,000 words

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